Young Plasma Infusions & Exchanges

In the spirit of “there is nothing new under the sun”, an emerging trend for treatment of various neurological conditions (Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia, etc.) has entered the Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine market. Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) from highly screened young donors (18-25 years of age) is being transfused into older patients (50+ yo) with the idea that the factors found in young blood induce vascular remodeling, culminating in increased neurogenesis.

Plasma infusion is a safe procedure with a long history and over 4 million transfusions of plasma products being done per year in the United States.

There has been significant additional research on this subject conducted at Stanford, Cal Berkley and other leading research institutions. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the current research in this field is trending in the direction of confidentiality of results due to their trying to identify and isolate various genes, growth factors and other cellular products contained in plasma in order to develop a patentable biologic “drug” that the researchers and institutions can monetize to their financial benefit.

After our exhaustive review of the research, we believe that the anecdotal case studies and current practices using basic Young FFP are providing enough satisfactory positive results that this modality of treatment is now being offered to patients in our practice. We currently offer Young FFP Infusions (“add a quart of oil”) and will be adding Young FFP Therapeutic Plasma Exchanges (“oil change”) in the near future. Costs for this Infusion procedure are $750 per 200ml Unit of Young FFP plus a $200 per Unit infusion fee. The Infusion Protocol is 20ml per kg of bodyweight, so for example, a 220lb person would require 10 – 200ml Units infused 5 Units on one day with 48 hours between the second 5 Units infusion.

Here’s a link to a news video about a current research project underway – Young Plasma Study.

Please contact Clay Womack if you would like additional information about this treatment procedure. This procedure is also an optional component of our Cerebral Asset Management program.